2 1/2 - 6 years old

How To Register: It all starts with us getting to know each other better! Start with touring our facility and meeting our director and teachers. We'll answer your questions and would love to meet your child.

After you have toured, we want you on our list! Access the Preregistration link below to begin the enrollment process. If we are enrolling and have space that's the right fit for your child and your needs, we'll get in touch with you. Please note, you will not be considered for enrollment without first completing a tour.


If we currently do not have an open space for your child, we still encourage you to tour and preregister so we may add you to our Wait List. Our low student to teacher ratio, space and commitment to early childhood excellence also means that we must limit enrollment. Please do not be discouraged; families have schedule changes and other families have successfully been enrolled from our Wait List.

Please note: When you register using the link below, you will NOT receive an auto-reply email due to system limitations (please know you are important to us!).

About Tuition, Vacations, and Special Discounts: For your convenience, LLA invoices monthly to make budgeting easy! In short, regardless if there is a 4 week or a 5 week month, your invoicing stays the same. We also automatically allow and discount every student ONE FREE VACATION WEEK every year! Given these details, tuition is prorated across all weeks. Additionally, a 10% sibling discount is available and is given on lower amount of tuition for oldest child.


How did we determine the monthly rate?

·         52 weeks in a year, less 1 vacation week = 51 weeks

·         Weekly tuition rate x 51 weeks = Annual tuition

·         Annual tuition divided by 12, and presto, the monthly tuition rate.


Full Day Learning Program: Hours of Operation: 7:30am-6:oopm, Monday - Friday


5 full days         $899  per month

4 full days         $812  per month                                           

3 full days         $725  per month       


Half Day Learning Program: Hours of Operation: 7:30am-12:15pm, Monday - Friday


5 half days        $660  per month                                                       

4 half days        $620  per month                                                       

3 half days        $575  per month


Tuition Invoicing: Tuition is due monthly on the first day of the month or bi-monthly on the first and fifteenth days of the month. Tuition is due regardless of holidays, sick days, and planned or unplanned absences. Monthly bills are provided via email. And remember, your vacation week is already factored in.


About Late Tuition Fees: Your account is considered late after 5 days past due and late charges will be added in the following manner: $25.00 after 5 days, $50.00 after 7 days, and $75.00 after 9 days. If your account is 10 days late, it will result in termination of enrollment. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.


About Late Pick Up Fees: Late pick-ups are anytime you pick up your child after 6pm. A late pick-up charge will be added to your account in the amount of $25.00 per fifteen minutes, per child. For example, if pick up occurs 6:01-6:15pm, a $25 fee is applied. If pick up occurs 6:16-6:30pm, a $50.00 fee and so on. We understand things happen! PLEASE CALL TO INFORM US.


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