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Directed by a life-long learner and early childhood education expert.

Dr. Deborah Zupito, Ed.D. is LLA's Owner and Director. Debbie always believed young children are active learners and that they are constantly trying to learn about the world around them. It is our job to support, encourage, and guide your children in the classroom. Debbie has achieved her Masters Degree in Childhood Development, Curriculum Planning and Instruction and a Doctorate Degree in Education and Educational Leadership with the desire to support young educators AND PARENTS, as well as advocate for excellence in the field of early childhood education. Debbie uses her expertise, experience, and education to support parents, children and contribute to the entire LLA family. 


We are a family.

At LLA, we learn, work and play like a family, and that's because we ARE one! The concept of LLA is intentionally crafted to support families. This came of the wish for Debbie to have exactly this type of environment for her own daughter during her toddler years. Miss Debbie and her husband, Domenic, work tirelessly to keep the school thriving and with safety, cleaning and educational requirements constantly being exceeded.


Our staff is family too! Staff is dedicated and qualified, and we strive to help children develop a love of lifelong learning and create a learning environment which promotes literacy and curiosity and one in which children feel safe to share their thoughts and feelings. In directing the curriculum, care and teaching practices here, we are always considering opportunities to expand upon all of the good things we are already doing.


We consider our teachers and the parents of our students family. You are entrusting us with your children and it is always valued and respected. We are a team and we thrive together!

Communication is paramount.

We offer so many ways to keep in touch through the day! You are never without access to us while your child is in our care. Through technology, a phone call or written word, we are YOUR team as well. Your partnership is valuable and of course is best for your child's development and learning journey.




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